• You cannot do any changes in location or rooms at your property. Only support team with tier  
  • access can help you with any changes.  Please contact support or create a ticket someone will get back to you soon.

  • Restart the controller and the device and wait for 5 minutes. It should fix your problem.
  • For further help please create a ticket and our customer support will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Except weekends.


  • In the dashboard there is maintenance section, create a ticket about the RMA product. The further process our contact support will get back to you.
  • For fastest help please contact Support.

  1. Please check our videos for further understanding of the dashboard and how to get used to it If you need further help please contact our Support team, we will setup a demo session. Property manager approval necessary.

  1. No, not at all. Because we use different protocol to connect these IOT devices to our controller.
  2. Z-wave technology sends and receives plenty of data for smart devices like light bulbs, motion detectors and other small appliances, but devices that send lots of information require the larger capacity of a Wi-Fi network.
  3. Z-wave also beats WiFi in terms of network interference.
  4. Like Bluetooth, WiFi devices compete with one another, so signal strength and network speeds suffer when there are many devices connected. However, WiFi can carry more information.

  1. IOT devices unlimited cloud Storage.
  2. Cloud encrypted Security for all Industrial internet-of-things (IIoT)
  3. Customer service are included via tickets, email, and live chat.
  4. We update the device firmware and applications remotely so that the device will be protected against known security vulnerabilities.
  5. Providing on-edge traffic filtering services.
  6. Dashboard updates and designing are included

  1. On login page, at bottom right corner there is a link for forgot password. Please follow the instructions.
  2. Contact support via registered email to reset the password. Property Manager approval necessary.

  1. We offer extremely Competitive price than the industry. Also, it depends on how much unit you have at your property. Please contact sales for further details.

  1. Only Property Manager can add more staff people in the account.
  2. For further understanding Please check our videos for further understanding of the dashboard

  1. Yes, you can manage multiple properties with one login. Please contact our support team to enroll you and setup your profile for multiple property access.


  1. Yes, you can install our product by yourselves. There are tutorials for self-install. Please remember with self-install product warranty and support warranty would affect. Please check with your sales rep for further questions.
  2. But it is recommended that our professional installers install it with proper labelling, network mapping and programming. These ways it is easier for us to help you in future with any problems with your system.

  1. Our VPN firewall addresses this challenge by providing comprehensive centralized management with specialized, full-featured, rugged appliances suitable for harsh environments and supporting industry-specific SCADA protocols.
  2. We use the same encryption measures as online banking.
  3. End-to-end security on application level (communication using command classes).
  4. In-band network key exchange well-known 128-bit zero temporary key.
  5. Single Network Wide Key.
  6. AES symmetric block cipher algorithm using 128-bit key length.
  7. Secure and non-secure nodes can co-exist in the same network.
  8. No security solution on MAC layer and routing layer.
  9. Non-secure nodes can act as repeaters for secure nodes.
  10. Our devices Only single cast supported.


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