About ESmart Property Automation

ESmart Property automation is aweb and mobile based SaaS platformuse to manage and controlall Smart automation devices for hotels, Residentialbuildings, or any Commercial properties.

At ESmart Property Manager can control all electrical automation at one single dashboard and on mobile application.

With ESmart Property Automation we can review and compare the electric usage with help of data analytics at any given time.

Why choose ESmart Property

At momentat any given platform Hotel industry cannot control the use of the electricity in Rooms, lobby, common places etc.

B. Hotel Industry cannot analyze or measure electric use in-depth via reports of specific locations inside the hotel premises

Hotel Industry cannot analyze real time use of electricity at any Rooms or any specific locations.

Hotel owners or Property manager must depend on the staff to control the use of electricity. And from history we know depending on others will never help us to save or achieve our goals in long run

Features And benefits

Save Money on the Electric Bill

Control electric devices on one single dashboard.

Analyze and Compare the reports of the electric devices and energy consumed

Not to depend on staff to save the cost of electricity

Give customer well experience and comfort stay with temperature control.

Control and Monitor the unsold and checkout rooms electric cost.

Our Vision & Mission

  •  Our Vision and goal are to help Hotels and Commercial properties save Money on usage of electricity.
  •  With ESmart Property Automation Hotel Industry would be able to control the use of the electricity in Rooms, lobby etc. at one singe dashboard and with help of Mobile app.
  •  Hotels and Commercial Property can analyze real time use of electricity at any specific locations within the property at any time.

  • Hotels and Commercial Property would be able to analyze and measure in-depth reports of electricity usage on specific locations inside the hotel such as specific rooms, lobby, common places etc.

  • Property owners and managers could export the data and be able to compare the use of electricity from any months or years.

  • Property owners and managers can kill the electricity at one single instance.


Headquarters : 42 Norfolk ST, Newark NJ 07103

Email : info@esmartproperty.com

Phone : +1 973 400 4206

Fax : +1 201 243 7909

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