Smart Intercom for Hoteliers with Esmart Dashboard

Smart access control systems are a key control for smart hotels these days. One should not take lightly. However, for the properties who choose the right system, the benefits significant. Smart access control gives Hoteliers the security they need and the convenience they want, while making properties easier to manage.

Smart access control systems are more than just high-tech amenities to bolster marketing brochures (though they do that as well). They offer tangible benefits for both Hotels and the property employees.

  • Customers Convenience: In-Hotel Services. Employees or Customers want to order like grocery delivery and dog walkers. With smart access control systems and smart Locks, they can do this without sacrificing security. Service providers receive one-time access codes to enter the property and the unit, which expire in a designated time frame.  
  • Employee Convenience: No physical keys. Employees hate physical keys and sometimes they lose it. It is just one more thing that can be lost or forgotten. Cloud access control systems allow Employees to go keyless by giving them Z-Wave or Bluetooth access to the Doors or Laundry Rooms through smartphones.
  • Digital maintenance keys. With traditional access control systems, managers must hand out physical keys to service staff for in-unit maintenance. With smart access control, managers can assign one-time access codes remotely. Service staff members can make multiple maintenance calls without ever coming into the Front Desk, saving staff time and the property money. It is a win-win and smart time management for Hoteliers and the Employees.
  • Access control for common areas. Cloud access control systems allow property managers to manage common areas remotely. They can schedule access times to limit the hours social amenity spaces are available.


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