How Secure is Esmart Property Automation ?

Home automaton has been around for several years, with systems that let you control the lighting, temperature, door locks, window curtains, appliances and much more. Earlier years of automation, its considered a luxury but as smart phones and tablets become increasingly common to every household, home automation is becoming easier to use and dramatically more affordable. Here are the top 5 advantages why you should install home automation in your home.

  1. Safety.  The ability to control small appliances and lighting with your fingertips anywhere you are will add safety in your home.  You can make sure appliances are off when its needed to be off and on when its needed to be on.
  2. Security.  The ability to lock the door through your phone is one of the greatest benefits of home automation.  This will give you peace of mind knowing that the door is close and not guessing.   The fact that you can be alerted each time someone enters your home also allows you to monitor who is entering your home at all times, especially when you are not there.
  3. Convenience.  The ability to control everything with your fingertips is very convenient.  You never leave the house without your wallet, keys and your smart phone.  With our smart phone always with us, we can easily monitor our home and control everything with just touch of a finger.
  4. Saves Time.  Since we are living in a very fast-paced environment, we don’t even have time to worry about our home.  With home automation, we can save time going back to our home and make sure everything is order, like if the kids close the door from school or turn on the lights when you get home.
  5. Save Money.  This is the biggest advantage of home automation.  With the ability to control the light, whether dimming or turning on/off on specific time will saves homeowner a great ton of money.  You can save money through household temperature, with proper automation in window shades and automated thermostat.  In addition, you can save gas, by not driving back home if you forgot to turn off appliances .


Pros of Esmart System

1) Cost

Property software is low cost and could save you loads in both expenses and time.

2) Accounting

All your accounting for your properties in one place. Log payments in the application, record expenses, note who you’re paying, when payments are made or received, digitize receipts and automate complex accounting reports.

3) Communication

Having all the information you need makes it much easier to remember who is who, and what information you need to send them. On top of this, you can easily automate communications like rent due reminders.

4) Automated Reminders

Automating reminders, not just for your tenants but for yourself means you will never forget about important things again. For example, set a reminder for your six months property inspection at the beginning of the lease. Make managing your time easy.

5) Automated Reporting

Produce professional reports showing your profit and loss, expenses, rent collections, etc. This will save you hours of time where you would otherwise have to manually enter data into excel, or whatever reporting system you currently use.

It will also remove a margin for human error, and allow you to spend more time validating the numbers and analyzing them for discrepancies.

6) Accessibility

Going digital, especially on mobile means you can access, update and manage on the go.

7) Scalability

By saving yourself loads of time, and keeping all your property management in one handy place you can easily do more with your time. It makes managing more properties easy.

8) Reduced Paperwork

We are steadily heading towards a time of full digitization. Online banking, emails, and the cloud means you no longer need to use paper at all for many applications. Which is good for the environment, but also just super handy.

Those immense piles of paper piled high and tucked away into vast filing cabinets, once the bane of a property manager's life is no longer necessary. If you automate much of that documentation, you’ll have eliminated the stress and errors so common.

9) Increase Revenue

Having everything in one place makes it easier to see what’s going on, organize and manage all your tasks. Streamlining operations means you can manage more, and in doing so increase your revenue and profit.

10) Simplified Backup & Recovery

Having everything automatically stored online means, not only access anywhere in the world, but also that your data and information is backed up and stored safely for if you ever need it in the future.


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