Tips for hoteliers to save money on electricity bill

According to reports from Energy Star, the average hotel in America spends up to $2200/room every year on electricity bills. 


What if, following some tips and implementing some strategies, they could reduce this bill by 20% and use the savings in the hotel’s long-term growth?


Yes, this is possible. Some tips on saving energy can be costly like installing a solar panel. We have done some research work on this and come up with some of the proven tips for hoteliers to save their hard-earned money on paying huge electricity bills. Let’s have a look at them: 


  1. Smart Energy Management solution 

All hoteliers have a dedicated HVAC system to control climate just like other businesses. Internet of Things and automation is helping businesses save energy consumption and reduce energy costs. Smart thermostats allow hoteliers to program their energy consumption according to their occupancy. Hotels, with random occupancy patterns, find the smart energy-management solutions better to save on electricity bills. So, they are advised to implement smart techniques. 


  1. Cut down expenses on Laundry 

Most people don’t wash their bed sheets every day. There is no reason for hotels to wash it every day either. The best way to cut down on your laundry expenses is to put a laminated note inside the room and ask your guests to put in on the bedsheet if they want hoteliers to wash it for you. If you don’t find that note on the bed, do not send it for washing. Likewise, you can create a note for towels also. This simple change can reduce your laundry cycles, save water and energy costs. 


  1. Auto-off Sockets

Auto-off sockets help you to conserve electricity when the rooms or that particular space is unoccupied. For example, rooms like guests’ rooms are not always occupied. Installing Auto-off sockets in that area can help you to save extra bucks. 


  1. Defrost fridges regularly

Fridges consume a lot of energy and hence, become one of the strong reasons for your fatty-electricity bills. It is advised to defrost your hotel’s fridges at a regular interval. Hoteliers must inspect the sealing on fridges and cold rooms and often try to clean evaporators and condensers. We all know, the doors of the fridge should be opened only when required. Otherwise, the doors should be left closed as much as possible. 


If you are buying a new fridge, select the model claiming the maximum energy efficiency. You can check the grade on each model and buy only the A-rated models. If you are lucky enough and get an A++ model, don’t take a second thought and buy that. This will help you save more in long run. 


  1. Smart Lighting strategy

Most of us know that LED lighting is the only way to save energy and cost. If you are managing a hotel and haven’t switched your lights to LED, it is the right time to do that. LED lights last longer than conventional bulbs. Though expensive, LED lights to manage to recover your money spent within a few years only. Since the bulb lasts longer, you reduce your electricity bill. 

In the guest rooms, you can install light sensors at places like closets, bathrooms, and entry so that they can turn on only when the area is occupied. 


  1. Look for a trustworthy Energy Partner

Hotel Managers need to look for a trustworthy energy partner that can guide them to lower their operating costs by implementing an impactful energy-saving strategy. Hoteliers may not always check the source of energy, but your energy supplier can help to reduce your cost by bringing changes in your utilities. A good Energy supplier can assist you to develop a plan to manage your electricity cost. 


Well, these are some of the common tips and tricks to saving money on electricity bills. The more energy-efficient and energy-saving tricks you introduce in your hotel; the more will you be able to save. Your one-time efforts will play you in the long-run. Take serious action by combining as many tips as you can, and you would see the difference in savings over time. 



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