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Most hotels waste a lot of money to maintain their hotels even if they are not occupied. Furthermore, most occupants don't mind how they use the room appliances, provided they get satisfied. Using smart properties, such as a smart-door sensor, a smart power outlet, smart light switch, occupancy sensor, the hotel manager will know how to reduce the electricity bill. In this article, we will focus on the impotence of Property Automationin hospitality industry.

Electricity Management

Most of the hotel managers open all the room's electricity even if they are not occupied. By doing so it increases the electricity consumption. Smart property management systems have solved this problem. They have introduced the use of an occupancy sensor that will detect the presence of an occupant.

It will help the hotel manager to open electricity appliances only in the rooms occupied thus assisting in electric management. Also, using a smart thermostat will help regulate the room's temperature to suit the occupant's demand. Only opens in the rooms occupied, for it has the power to detect an occupant's presence.

Enhance Comfortability

In need of smart residential buildings, worry less for EMPoffers comfortability to the occupant. While building your house, ensure you install smart thermostats for it helps in regulating the temperature. Additionally, it reduces the unnecessary disruption by the housekeeper.

A thermostat is set to control the room's operation, such as opening the Tv, regulating the room temperature, and lighting the room. Also, it can turn on the music that entertains the occupant. Also, the use of a smart light switch will control the occupant's movement while in the room simply because they can use their voice to maintain its operation.

Predict HVAC Problem

Smart property management ensures that its equipment is human friendly. Energy Management Systems can predict the presence of a problem even before the real problem occurs. This helps the maintenance team to prepare in advance to prevent embracement from the guests. For instance, the temperature can rise during summer. If the EMS is not able to reduce the room temperature, it means that the management can lose its customers.

Furthermore, it might even fail to detect that the room is occupied. This means that the administration will not notice any problem. It means that the guest will not be served to his expectation. It, therefore, means that it will lose its customers.

Enhance Maintenance.

EMS tracks HVAC conditions. These services need to run through it for it to maintain its operation. In case the battery needs replacement, EMS will notify the hotel management before electric appliances are exhausted. Doing so will enhance the continuity of its operation without affecting the occupant. It will prevent unnecessary interruption while the guests are still within.

Furthermore, it will increase the availability of its customers since they are fewer or minimize disruptions. The presence of a smart door sensor will help the maintenance team detect the occupied room, which will help the organization. While they notice that the room is occupied, they will avoid allocating another customer some room


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