How it cost for hotels to endorse Into Automation system

Hotel managers that want to adopt automated systems can benefit greatly, but the cost can be daunting if you aren't prepared. Property Automation has boosted the hospitality industry, which has helped smart hotels increase their revenue. On the other hand, customers always get the best and personalized services, thanks to smart hotel room management. 

What do you require for hotel automation?

Automated Check-In

The first cost you have to incur when migrating to a smart hotel includes the computerized check-in services' perfection. IoT enabled self-service kiosks play a vital role in the check-in process. Your guest isn't patient, and they won't spend time in line waiting to check-in at your physical customer care point. Therefore, you'll need all the IoT-Connected devices that will make the installation process successful. Luckily, Esmart property has all the IoT devices ideal for your hotel.

Asset Tracking

The housekeeping process is one of the keys that needs to be perfected before the launch of smart hotels. As such, you can buy asset tracking devices that allow staff to track cleaning carts, luggage racks. Therefore, the hotel can keep running flawlessly. So, you'll need to spend on the tracking devices.

Smart Room Customization

Intelligent Buildings with IoT connected devices provide options for customization to suit the customer's preference. All you need is to install all the smart devices, which will let you control the following functions.

  • Lighting: hotel automation allows room users to customize lighting preferences, including charging colors, charging light temperature/hue, and dimming room temperature: to have conducive temperatures, you can buy smart thermostats by Esmart property. Therefore, guests will not need antiquated window A/C units to make temperature adjustments.
  • Water Temperature: water is essential, and guests will need it for drinking or bathing; that's why you'll need to install a digital water temperature sensor and valves. with these tools, guest can enjoy using water with excellent temperature
  • Smart TVs: many homes today have Smart TVs. If you want to turn your hotel into a home away from home, then you'll need to mount Smart TVs in the guest room so they can catch up with TV shows. 
  • Food menus: with the evolution of IoT and machine learning, smart hotel management can use the previous guest data to send personalized menus to their smartphones


Key Card Integration

The main aim of opting for hotel automation is to increase business revenue while improving the customer service quality. With key card integration, gusts can receive digitized keys through their smartphones. with the keys, they can unlock/lock doors, alter window shades and change temperature settings 


The average cost of hotel automation, we have discussed some of the hotel management system software's critical features. Hotel managers can therefore add other features as they see fit for their business. These are the significant factors that will contribute to the determination of property automation cost. If you are dealing with US-based developers, they will charge you $100-$250 per hour. on average; you can spend $15000-$25,000 to develop hotel management software with high-end features


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